Non Profits! More about my favorite Non Profits!

Non Profit Organizations:

Working with Non Profit organizations and benefits have become a wonderful part of my life! It means so much to me to help and give back and be a part of the solution and change! These are some of my favorite Non Profits that I absolutely love and adore and look forward to working with them more and other non profits as well going forward! PLEASE Please check them out and show your support! 

Bowling for Boobies 

Bowling for Boobies is a Non profit that raises funds for local women battling breast cancer and helping them pay their bills! Every year they have a fund raising event of Bowling to get everyone involved in the solution and build a support team! This past Oct 6th, the Los Angeles Fundraiser collectively raised over $70,000!!! That will help a lot of women!!! Thank you ! Check them out to get involved!

Sweethearts Salute is a Photography based project by  Victoria Allen paying homage to our soldiers with Calendars, iPhone cases, Skateboard decks and more! All of the proceeds go towards the Wounded Warrior Project! Go salute and check out the local events from the Sweethearts!

Keep A Breast

Keep A Breast is a non profit organization that focuses on education for detection and prevention of Breast Cancer! Go to their website to read all about their wonderful cause! 

I am honored to have done a casting of my breasts with founder Shaney Jo of Keep A Breast and the incredible artist Moni Marino painted it!!! This piece will be on exhibit at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles in December and auctioned off for charity! More details on this event soon! YAY! Please check them out and show your support! 

To Write Love On Her Arms

A Non Profit organization that aids to bring Hope to those suffering for Depression, Self hate and suicide. Hear their stories:

Photography for the Image of me wearing the TWLOHA shirt “You are not alone” David Zayas Jr of Z Productions

Bombshells Against Bullying

BaB is here to educate, provide support & mentoring program for victims of bullying (of all ages & gender), as well as promote unity & love instead of competition & hate.