Depression Sucks! From Darkness to light!

The times I have felt most connected with my writing and most sure about it, is when I just let it flow through me. To write well, I've always felt for myself that I needed to come from a place of love and from what I know. I will definitely say first and foremost that I don't know all the answers, but I offer my experience, strength, hope and love in hopes that it reaches someone in need to hear the right words at the right time. 

So with that, and something I always say when I work with Spirit and the written word, I say "Let Love flow through me!" 

 Many conversations about Depression have created a lot of energy going on  right now, and so many people are distraught by the passing of Robin Williams, myself included.   As I'd written in my last post about Robin, it was very clear that he had such a unique and Brilliant light that kept so many of us laughing and smiling for years, something genuine that was shared with the world and yet he struggled with that happiness for himself. He was and is proof that Happiness is an inside job! Proof that depression is real. BUT IT CAN be stopped in it's tracks!  I wanted to say simply that DEPRESSION SUCKS! And it's VERY REAL and something that NEEDS to be TALKED ABOUT! 

Someone had asked me in my last post , "What I would say to someone who was suffering from depression? What advice would you give?" and I would say, from my experience:





Communication is so key to saving yourself from the darkness and illogical thoughts that plaster themselves in the walls of our mind! Do not be afraid to speak up and get help! 
I've struggled with Depression my whole life, especially more when I was younger and have found that I needed to do all of these things as well as build a support system of loving friends and family and positive habits to stop me from going to this place that steals my energy & my emotions! I'm one of the happiest people I Know and it can still get me! It affects people of all ages from all walks of life! 

In the past few years, I started to perceive Depression as something entirely different that I ever did before. I came to an understanding that Depression is a separation from Spirit and my higher self! It was a huge lack of energy to move forward and live my life! When I realized this, it helped me deal with it more effectively and easier somehow to deal with it! It made me think, HOW do I connect back to myself again? How do I fall in love with life again and love myself more to save myself from this? And the answers were the tools that I'd created! To Talk, to write, to reach out, to do yoga ( which has been one of the biggest gifts especially with a regular practice!) And to walk along my path of my true life purpose! To bring love & light in unique and beautiful ways, with Art Communication, Reiki healing, readings, crystals and even just sharing my love through gratitude! 

But it takes a first step to start anything... and if you are suffering from depression.. just take the First step and then one step at a time after that... TALK ABOUT IT! DO NOT HIDE! 

I strongly believe everyone is here for a powerful purpose and that we have a beautiful light inside! You are not alone in connecting back to that light! Reach out and get help! There is a wonderful non profit organization called To Write Love on Her Arms and their message is to present hope and help for people struggling with Depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. Check out their website ! That is just one of many sites that can help!

You are a gem and the world needs it's diamonds to shine!!! Sending love & light to you from my heart to yours! <3 Xanthia Pink