Interview time!


I did this interview a while back for an online magazine, and for some reason they never published it. I had a great time doing the interview and don't want it to go to waste, since I spent some time on it! SO I thought it would be great to share with my friends and supporters in my blog! I hope you enjoy! <3

Tell us about your career as model. How did you get started? 

   Well as a short back story: In my teens I was always a fan of Betty Page and her fun and flirty persona as well as her feisty pinup photos! She was always an inspiration with both charisma and beauty! Around the time I was 21, I was introduced to latex fetish fashion magazines Skin Two and Marquiswho portrayed gorgeous, curvaceous women in fashionable gowns and clever suits complete with corsets and heels! Now THAT was edgy! It was a similar feellike seeing Betty’s photos of empowered beautiful women daring to express themselves and I wanted IN on the FUN!!

I was living in Orange County at the time and started spending more time in LA networking with people with similar interests! Other artists ; Photographers, models, makeup artists, designers, performers , the fun and unique crowd! We started collaborating and making photo shoots happen! I started building a portfolio and was performing at events and fashion shows in LA and San Fransisco! I got on model sites and social networking sites and just started connecting!

Do you love any one genre of modeling more than another? 

I love the Pinup style because it feels like the bright and bubbly side of the modeling world and is impervious to the curvaceous women of the world! It alsovery much connects with who I am! Fun and flirty and proud to be a woman!

😍💋👏 Imodeled for a few years doing the Fetish Fashion clothing withlots of corsets and alternative stuff and then took a break. When I came back, I dabbled in Pinup and totally found my groove! It was more suited for my personality and where I felt I truly shined! At that time I started to have so much fun and the experiences kept coming which led to getting covers of OC Weekly and Cupcake Quarterly as well as Cats Meow magazine! I couldn’t believe it!  I am so grateful and excited these opportunities came and they have been such a happy highlight in my modeling career! 

What was your first shoot as a model like? 

My first real shoot was with TommyO and man did I luck out! We had just become friends but we were very comfortable from the start and just decided to shoot a bunch of fun ideas together! It was great being in front of the camera and learning poses and building that energy and connection to what you're creating! It was very exciting and a great start! Modeling is another way to emote, to express myselfand I absolutely love it!!!💕👏

Tell us a bit about your style?

I wouldn't say I'm just one particular style- I'm an eclectic collaboration of Pinup girl meets rocker meets 80's alternative! It’s taken years to really develop my style and continue to create myself as an artistc being but it’s been an incredible journey that I’ve documented through the years! I continue to grow and strive to keep myself inspired and in love with life and it’s creative outlets so I can reach more people with my art and energy! 

I’m many women in one! I've really created my own style and vibe and like to be colorful and cute sprinkled with a little bit of sexy! But ultimately I'm uniquely myself and wear what I like that makes me feel happy as well as my kind of beautiful! And I've had my Pink hair for over a decade so it's definitely a huge part of me that I love and enjoy! Pink is not just a color! It's an energy! And it makes me and others happy!

Let’s talk tattoos for a moment! What first drew you to tattoos?

I've always loved the look of tattoos (especially brightly colored ones!) and I've always been an artist and art lover! It's another extension of my personality and they definitely tell a story! 💕They're personal and beautiful and represent different times and experiences in my life that are infinitely valuable to me!  My first one was my butterfly wings on my back -which was about 7hours! I dove right in! I guess I knew I would just love it andI do !!! And I'm a "GO BIG OR GO HOME" kinda gal!😜 

Are you planning any more for the future?

Absolutely!!! I plan to be collecting Art in my life, home and especially my body for the rest of my life! I have a few inspirations especially now at a very pivotal time of my life expanding as an artist and just growing as a creative woman, makeup artist, model and light worker! I don’t have any on my legs yet but that will change! <3

What’s your favourite thing about the tattoo community and what is your least favorite?

I appreciate when others can admire work and respect it's beauty! The ones who perceive tattoos as art andenjoy it as I do! Everyone gets tattooed for different reasons (which I respect) and it's not all serious work but it's a different experience for others! In the tattoo community I feel like a lot of people appreciate it for that as art and expression and something beautiful !

What is your most important rule as a makeup artist?

Oh man! There are so many important rules haha! It’s really all about working with clean skin, having good products on hand and knowing your steps in the process of doing your makeup ( like having a great primer for your eye makeup which is key! ( I love the Mac Paint inBare canvas!) and taking good care of your products and brushes! 

Some of my absolute favorite face makeup and powder are Makeup Forever and for fun palettes and lip colors Too Faced is also fantastic! For bright pops of color, Sugarpill Cosmetics is rad and of course MAC has stellar pigments and lipsticks! 

I’m a beauty addict and could go on and on! Lol! 

What do you do when you aren’t modelling?

Well as far as working and career goes, I’m a Makeup Artist, Reiki Practitioner ( which is a Japanese technique for relaxation and Energy healing ) as well as an intuitive and tarot reader! I’ve also been bar tending for about 7 years too! So I keep myself busy! I like to have a mixed bag of skills to keep myself inspired! When I’m NOT working, I’m spending time with my loving family, my fantastic friends, my Incredible man, and my adorable snaggletoof underbite puppy who I’m obsessed with! I’m enjoying life and learning as I go! I’m a big Disney dork too so I’m at Disneyland often!!! It’s a magical place and I’ve been going since I was a kid! I’m grateful to have such a creative job with Makeup and modeling that my adventures and favorite people tend to be a part of my collaborations! It’s exciting! 

If you could go back to your early modeling days, what would you do differently?

Fix my eyebrows! Hahahah! I’ve mastered these pink brows over the years but I didn’t start off that way! I looked back at some of my really old photos and my makeup wasn’t the best at the time! My skills have grown so much on myself And on my clients over the years! But I feel like it’s important to say that and also to see improvement! 

Where do you hope to be in five years?

OH Man! There are infinite possibilities!

Ultimately I want to connect all the things I love, Art, Modeling, Healing and performing all together with my best friends( who happen to be some of my greatest heroes, inspirations and confidants!) I also want to travel and experience life in different places doing what I love with the people I love! I know I will be inspired along the way and am so excited for that! I am very much about self love and expression and having a voice and want to help others find that too! I consider myself an adventurer of Life and Life enthusiast andI love to make my life a work of art and fill it with all of my favorite people and magical experiences! I feel there is so much to expand on in my life with Endeavors of my heart and soul as well as what I’m here to do! I feel they should be combined like that quote by Rumi: “Let the Beauty of what you love be what you do.” 

Do you have any tips for new models that find you inspiring?

It’s been a fun journey with lots of self discovery and expression! And it’s not nearly over!  I have alwaysloved to live out loud and pursuing something I love and being a part of art means the world to me! For aspiring pinups,I want to say thateven if they weren't all the best photos or I wasn’t in the best shape all the time, it was still ME and MY Journey and I still feel beautiful! And some of those photos were awesome and I looked great! A lot of modeling is about the experience you have with yourself , the love for self, and the desireto express and share with others! When you can reach in and bring out your light and express yourself, you can reach the camera too! I’ve found that being a part of art is healing for me and can be for others as well! 

 I’ve been focusing on my fitness over the past few months and am starting to really see and feel results ! I can only see this as a positive going forward in modeling and am excited not just for the physical aspects but as far as confidence in myself! I’m proud of taking better care of myself! Everyone’s body is different and I encourage everyone to love themselves first and foremost and know what YOU feel is right and healthy and beautiful IS Beautiful! 

I would absolutely say to practice your poses, get creative with makeup and hair! Own your body and take good care of it!  Reach out to designers and other artists that you enjoy their work and would like to work with! Take the steps to start the process!!!

It’s such a beautiful and positive thing to express who I am and enjoy the experience of being who I am! I hope that the women who wish to model feel empowered to give it a shot! Because this is YOUR life! And YOURS to ENJOY!

You never know what Life has in store for you , what Adventure awaits, what opportunity is waiting to find you! , what new dream you will fall in love with along the way! But it’s important to go out and reach for it! <3 

Love & Light to you!
Xanthia Pink