Meetup Account Updates!

Who else has a Metup account!? Have you seen how many different categories of interest are on there! I could probably find a million new hobbies!!! Well anywho.. I always enjoy more and more filling out the BIO's to new networks and doing my best to encapsulate the epitome of ME Into words! However, Meetup didn't seem to allow too many words but I thought this one too perfectly fitting to not post somewhere, so here it is! <3

Hello! I am Xanthia Pink and I am an Artist and a Healer! Specifically a Reiki Practitioner and Spiritual Guide. My work as an Artist comes through my crystal healing jewelry that I make as well as flower crystal crowns and paintings and the written word! I'm pretty much always looking for a way to create, express and expand! I've been called into Healing work as my path as well as maintaining a high vibration through my artwork, and alongside my private practice with clients and my etsy shop, I am called also to gather like minded individuals for a collective creative consciousness in sacred circle and or space to make real life magic happen!It is in the nature of the Universe to create Miracles and Magic! I cannot wait to see what else unfolds!