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USUI HOLY FIRE REIKI LEVEL II Class with Xanthia Pink -November 3rd

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level II Class Includes:

• Placements for Reiki II

• Sacred Reiki II symbols: How to draw, activate and use the symbols in your practice and life! You'll learn the deeper purpose for each symbol and it's benefits!

• A 192 page Reiki Healing Touch Manual

• The complete hand placement system of Reiki Healing touch.

• Reiji-Ho: Using inner guidance to know how and where to treat.  We will also discuss natural intuition and how Reiki can enhance your ability to sense and feel energy! 

• Gyoshi-ho: Sending Reiki with the eyes.

• How to Send Reiki at a distance

• How to give a complete Reiki Healing Session to others

• Practice Giving and Receiving Reiki to experience the flow of the Reiki energy 

• Certification of Completion as a Reiki Practitioner

Class Fee is $205

There is a required $50 deposit per class to hold your spot ! This is non refundable but can be used for up to one year on other classes or services if you cannot attend the day of class!

Please see FULL DETAILS on the class in the Section “REIKI CLASSES” for everything you need to know!

RSVP to to reserve your spot!


For students taking these Courses, I do Require you to HAVE EXPERIENCED a Reiki Healing session at least once in your life prior to taking the course. It doesn't matter how recent, but I do believe one must have had some experience with Reiki to know the true calling to activate this energy within and also to become a Practitioner yourself. If you have not had a Reiki session before, you can schedule a session with me or another certified Reiki Master or Healer! 

Students Must have completed Reiki I before moving onto Level II. If are interested in taking Reiki Level II and have received Reiki I training through another teacher, please contact me first to determine wether the same style of Reiki is your Foundation. I currently teach from the William Lee Rand “ Healing Touch” Handbook of the Usui Holy Fire Reiki Japanese technique system!

Other than that, I ask my students to have an Open Mind and Open Heart with an Eagerness to Learn and truly Heal!