Artwork by Callowlily Art! GO see her goregous work at

Artwork by Callowlily Art! GO see her goregous work at


To Book a Crystal Reiki Healing Sessions please Email me with your general availability including days and times! I see my clients in North Hollywood, California. Friend, family and pets are not allowed to accompany you as it is a solo journey of self care! 

Crystal Reiki sessions are an hour and the Energy Exchange is $95. For select clients I will do in home visits if travel/scheduling is difficult or you are handicapped.  There is an additional fee for home visits, so please email me for these types os sessions! 

I am also available for Pet Reiki which I do in you at your location as to ease the pet! Please email me for details!

To Book a TAROT  Reading  or Intuitive Guidance session, please Email me with your general schedule as well as your Time zone and how long  you'd like to book. These Readings are done via Skype or Phone call! 
Energy Exchange for Tarot & Intuitive Guidance calls are:

$25 for 15 minutes

$45 for 30 minutes

$65 for 45 minutes

$80 for an hour

The more time booked , the more information we tune into!  

My Email is or  you can reach me through the submission form below! 

I'm also on Social Media and you can find lots of fun updates and live weekly videos there as well! 

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