Traditional Usui Reiki is Spiritually Guided Life force energy! It is a Japanese technique for stress relief and relaxation but also activates your body’s ability to heal itself. It can be done hands on or at a distance. The Reiki energy is transferred through the hands to the body and received by the client traveling to all areas of the body and aura that need healing!

The newest extension of Reiki is Holy Fire Reiki which was developed by William Lee Rand and taught in the Holy Fire training alongside the Usui Methods and symbols! Together they create an even more illuminated and deeper healing experience!

Just like the element of Fire, Usui Holy Fire Reiki is TRANSFORMATIONAL, Brings PURIFICATION, HEALING, EMPOWERMENT & GUIDANCE! 

It brings Spiritual Freedom and happines. Releasing worry replacing it with safety. 

Holy Fire Provides guidance and protection! It also Helps develop positive personality traits such as kindness, confidence, optimism, joy & peace! 

My experience in my A.R.T Reiki Master Holy Fire Training with the Holy Fire energy felt like a deep activation that spread more freely than anything I had experienced and this energy Continues developing after you have received it!

The process of receiving Reiki in a Healing session is both relaxing and meditative. It is intended to bring relief of stress as well as relief tension that you hold in your physical body. It is also powerful in healing the Emotional Body/ Soul Body! When Emotional woundings and resentment are held in the body they can create physical ailments and pains, even illnesses that are calling out for attention!

Part of this process is to identify where you may be experiencing energetic blocks or pains and send Reiki to those spaces!

In my Healing Sessions, I practice both Usui Holy Fire Reiki Energy Healing as well as Crystal Healing and Intuitive Guidance. During the hands on treatment I often use Crystals on the body to help amplify the energy or clear a particular chakra ( power point & Energetic pathway). As an Empath and Intuitive Guide, I receive messages and images from my guides during the session and I deliver them after the Healing process. We then discuss how you can move forward and ways to care for your energy and integrate change into your life!  


Crystals and minerals hold natural vibrations and specific Healing properties that correspond with different chakras in the body. They aid different physical and emotional needs.These natural minerals amplify energy and therefore assist in directing the flow throughout the energetic and physical body.

After working with crystals for many years, I have an intuitive connection with them and the energy they hold. I am guided by my Intuition as well as Spirit to choose which crystals will be most beneficial and unique to each client to fit their healing needs. The stones I have worked with have been a tremendous help to my practice and allow more energy to flow through the work we do together! 





Everything IS energy so if we can clear our pathways and tap into awareness of self with clarity, we can approach life in a different way, more illuminated and clear! 



The Reiki Treatment process is relaxing, however, it is an energetic release and can be an emotional experience. It is helpful to dress comfortably as you will be laying down most of the session. Drinking plenty of water before AND after the session is recommended as to hydrate the body and also (after the process) continue the release and cleansing process! Get plenty of rest the night before and if possible, do not schedule any strenuous activities or stressful work following the session. This way you allow yourself to marinate in the Reiki Holy Fire energy and allow yourself a “Self Care” day! Please also come with an open mind and open heart!

Please note that the session is for YOU and you alone. There will be no other guests in the Healing room during the session. No pets are allowed in the space. I ask that all cellphones are on airplane mode for no distractions to your healing experience.

Many of my clients come with Physical/ mental and emotional ailments - aches, pains, breaks, irritable bowel syndrome, as well as insomnia, addiction, emotional suffering & distress,  anxiety, depression. I have seen and felt Reiki make huge strides and improvements in all of these cases. There is no assurance of curing disease completely, although there has been miraculous change and ease to both emotional and physical dis-ease.

If you are seeing a medical Doctor for your current medical or mental health care issues or illnesses, I do suggest Reiki in addition to your medical support and not a replacement! Reiki Holy Fire Energy and Spiritual Guidance are wonderful tools to assist in your healing and Spiritual Path ! 

As a Spiritual Practitioner and Healer , I feel one of the most valuable things we can do for another human being is provide a Sacred Space, Empathy and presence for whatever part of your journey you are on. I hope to Empower you to heal yourself and activate the healing energy within you as you take this next step!


To Book a Reiki Holy Fire Energy Healing Session, Go to my “Contact Me” page and submit an email.

Please include your general availability including days and times! I see my clients at a Healing Space in North Hollywood, California. 


$120 for One Hour Reiki Crystal Healing

$160 for 90 minutes Reiki Crystal Healing

  • Clients also have the option to enjoy Sound Healing as a part of the sessions as well as Aromatherapy!


Class Dates are coming soon for Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level I as well as Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level 2! For more information please see my section on this website titled “REIKI CLASSES”!

SEE my CALENDAR OF EVENTS PAGE as well for all of the details about this exciting event! & other Spiritual Development Classes!


Usui/ Reiki levels I & II  in Laguna Niguel, CA with Michele Rae Johnson Reiki Master. 

Holy Fire®️III Usui/ART & Reiki Masters in Laguna Beach, CA with Michele Rae Johnson