Reiki is a Japanese Technique for stress relief and relaxation that promotes healing both energetically and physically in the body and aura. In more Magical terms Reiki literally means " Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy" and it is a technique to channel that energy through the Practitioner's hands to the body of the recipient! Reiki is considered an alternative medicine developed by buddhist Mikao Usui and has been practiced since 1922 . This practice can be done hands on or hovering just above the body,  however in my practice I prefer hands on as this is how I experienced Reiki to be the most beneficial! I work with the comfortability of the client. It IS possible to perform Distance Healing as well!



What Is Crystal Healing? 

 There are thousands  of gemstones, crystals and minerals with natural healing properties corresponding with different chakras in the body! These natural minerals amplify energy and therefore assist in directing the flow throughout the energetic and physical body! During Reiki using Crystal healing we can move that Life Force energy through the chakras clearing and balancing each area. 

I have been working with crystals for many years now and have a special bond with them! Partnered with my natural intuition and being guided by Spirit,  I work uniquely with each client to fit their healing needs! The stones I have worked with have been a tremendous help to my practice and allow more energy to flow through the work we do together! 



My The intention is to help clear the energetic body (Aura) as well as clear the chakras ( Energy points) so you can release any blocks that stand in the way of you living your life path! 



Everything IS energy so if we can clear our pathways and tap into awareness of self with clarity, we can approach life in a different way, more illuminated and clear! 


How I work as a Reiki Practitioner as well as Spiritual Guidance:

As an Empath &  Clairvoyant Medium, I go into your energy and receive messages and images visually  corresponding to the different areas of your life! I work on balancing the flow of energy that is moving through you while also releasing anything that no longer serves you! Often Guides and loved ones in Spirit come in to join the Reiki Session with loving presence and often messages of their own.  I set sacred space  so it is safe and work with My Guides and Angels so that messages of Love Hope and Healing can come in at the Highest Vibration of love for the Highest and Greatest good!

The Reiki Treatment process in itself is relaxing however it IS an energetic release and I ask my clients to come with an open mind and open heart. Following the Reiki treatment process, we discuss what came through in the session and how to move forward from that space. I see the work we do together and the guidance I give as Spiritual Life Coaching! It all depends on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go, but I promise if you are open to the process, whatever needs to come to the light will reveal itself! I myself continue to do the work to peel back the layers to enjoy the authenticity of my true self and I hope my clients can find happiness and enlightenment in this process as well!