My first Divination tool ( other than Crystals ) was Reading Tarot and Oracle Cards! Even before diving into Reiki and Energy Healing I first fell in love with Divination cards and have been reading and channeling ever since! Over time my practice expanded into Mediumship and Channeling the Tarot Intuitively instead of just standard reading of the Tarot! I love the unique relationships I’ve developed with different decks of cards over time and continue to enjoy this form of reading! When I stepped into the world of Energy Healing, all other forms of channeling and Intuitive reading amplified as well! I feel it’s especially powerful for clients who are seeking guidance to their current life path, relationships, career, family life and all other areas of concern! Tarot and Guidance sessions provide the energy and opportunity to tap into the subconscious and bring them to your awareness so you can make changes accordingly!

Most of my Tarot Readings and Intuitive Guidance sessions are done via Phone call or are done via Skype or Facetime . . I have found it is easy to reach more clients this way and can coordinate a time for both parties! In these sessions, We tune in together to hold sacred space where I can deliver messages to you regarding a specific question or concern you have. I pull cards based on your intention and I read the energy regarding your situation, hidden influences, subconscious patterns  and what your vibration is holding and then determine how you can move forward with more clarity and how to shift your vibration and create a more desirable experience in your life! I also send photos of the cards to my clients after the session so they may refer to them after the reading and encourage clients to take notes!

The Tarot experience is a fun tool of Divination that can provide confirmation as well as new information! I also make myself available helpful for those who need assistance in Spiritual Development/ understanding your own Sensitivities and gifts, are in need of Motivation & Inspiration or just Spiritual Counsel! It's up to you as to what kind of session you'd like to have!

In Person sessions are also available for clients in the Los Angeles area but are booked by the Hour only. Some prefer the in person experience, which I can fully understand! I have a Healing space these sessions take place. Wether you choose an in phone or in person Reading I can connect and channel messages and deliver guidance for you! It is up to you and what kind of experience you’d like to have!

Last but not least, I offer written readings as well which are delivered via email! I do ask the client to send a current photo and also your area you’re seeking guidance in! If you’re familiar with my Tarot Tuesday weekly offering, these are similar in style! I recommend you check it out to get a feel for my style!


My Phone sessions are scheduled in time increments:

30 Minute Video/ Phone session -$60

1 Hour Video/ Phone session $90

1 Hour in Person session $100

3 Card Written Tarot Reading $60


To Schedule a session, Send me an email including exactly what type of session you’d like:

1. TAROT 30 Min Call

TAROT 1 Hour Call

OR In Person One Hour Session


( You can specify Psychic Development as well)

2. Your general availability (Days and times) as well as your time zone!

I do require a 50% Deposit to confirm your booking which can be done by Venmo, Cash app or I can Invoice you through Square. I require 24 hours in advance if you need to reschedule your session.

I look forward to connecting with you!