My name is Xanthia Pink and I am a Crystal Reiki Practitioner, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Guide & Psychic Medium as well as a Crystal Jewelry Designer!  I work with my natural gifts of Clairvoyance, Empathy & Mediumship in my work and consider myself not only a Light worker & Life Enthusiast!  In my practice, I have created a fusion of Crystal Reiki Energy Healing as well as Intuitive Guidance, Energy balancing with also an element of Spiritual counsel!

I have been Reiki Practitioner certified since 2014 and have been doing Tarot Reading since 2010! When I stepped into the world of Energy Healing, all other forms of channeling and Intuitive reading really amped up as well! 

I my clients through Reiki or Intuitive Tarot and Guidance sessions ( and even through helping them choose the perfect custom crystal necklace!) to create the Intimate and high vibrational experience needed to Empower them to change their lives!!! 

How I came to this path... 

I have always been extra-sensory since I was a little girl, and could see and feel spirit! My empathy was one of my first gifts of deep feeling, not only my feelings but those of others, which of course made it exptremely confusing, but also a breeding ground for poor boundaries! My Grandmother  who lived with us for a few years before her passing, was clairvoyant as well but did not understand or know how to tap into her abilities and I too didn't know until growing into an  adult that my soul sensitivities are a gift!  Growing up, I faced  many childhood traumas and abuse,  all of which lead me to abandon myself create false beliefs about who I was,  surrendering my power and live in quite a dark space where I  felt unworthy of love and respect. These false beliefs and insane perceptions turned into years of self hate, but also a powerful place for expansion ( although I did not know that then! )

 It took me years of self discovery and healing work of my own (which I continue to do in order to support my soul's expansion) and Art was not only an outlet to express my emotion and deep and extraordinary experience of life, but also a catalyst for keeping me inspired, excited and moving forward!  I began Writing  religiously at a young age but especially as my healing and spiritual process began and has been a tremendous tool for processing and channeling my experience( I have over 60 journals in the past 13 years! ) I sometimes use this medium in my readings to channel written messages!

 When I  came to my Spiritual Path in my mid twenties, I was ready for  an  even greater transformation! Though self discovery is like peeling back the layers of an onion, I began and  dealt head on , face to face with my demons working through the pain. This was a process I had begun at 17, although the depth and spiritual connection came in my twenties. It was, and is, a process and extraordinary JOURNEY of Healing! It has become an even Richer experience in my Thirties!!! I started to understand and develop my intuition and clairvoyance and clairaudience through various workshops, Spiritual Advisors, Healing & Development circles as well as reading and studying on my own! I had found answers that my soul was looking for!

I delved into Mediumship after a close dear friend of mine crossed over and he was very much still with me in Spirit! He became one of my Spirit Guides and what I know now as one of my Soul mates! I'm grateful that The path of mediumship and Spirit communication made it possible for us to grow even closer since he's crossed over! My Grandmother had passed in front of me when I was 10, and she too had the gifts of Spiritual Sight and sensitivities. Even before her passing, I had visions and messages, but that experience was a turning point for me!

After the accumulation of deep and transformative life experiences, it was very apparent that The soul work needed to be done, and the healing was necessary if I wanted to live a  fulfilling life!  Through all of this I learned to LOVE, TRUST , FORGIVE and ACCEPT myself ,  even the parts that I have once viewed as ugly or shameful. I love this little girl, this wise woman and old sage who lives within me! I can forgive my abusers and forgive myself for abandoning myself. I found my purpose through the Healing work, and that is to not only heal myself, integrate and love myself , but to help empower others to do the same!

 Over the years I've turned to many tools that create happiness in my life including Painting, drawing, crafting, Meditation, exercise! These makes my soul smile!  I LOVE TO CREATE and EXPRESS myself, to move, to become stronger and aware of myself!!! Partnered with a long time Rock and Crystal collecting passion, I taught myself how to wire wrap and create crystal jewelry and art to wear as to always have these natural pieces of Earth Magic with me! Thus was born my Xanthia Pink Crystal Designs where I create unique hand made jewelry for my fellow crystal lovers!!! 

I realize it is important to say that Through most of my life,  I never identified as a victim, though to most who have heard my story ( And one day I WILL WRITE A BOOK ABOUT IT ) and in full detail, most certainly would.  I DO identify as a survivor.  I am MADE of LIGHT and LOVE but also SHADOW as well! I started my path focusing only on the light, which is where I love to be, but I have also learned to Embrace the dark and no longer deny and disown parts of myself! I have never lost my spark and connection to spirit even when I believed I had. But I had to experience it all to become the Healer and Guide I am today for others! 

I share all of this because I know in the healing sessions we do together, it can be relaxing and mediative, but also very deep and transformational. I aim to provide intimacy ( Seeing into you and feeling into you ) with love respect and healthy boundaries.  I would not ask my clients to be vulnerable and open and honest if I in turn could not share the parts of my own story that were in need of healing too. That intimacy, I feel is the greatest gift of the work I do and ultimately what people crave and can heal with. It's what separates me from therapy or just counseling. It's connection and empathy which is truly a developed skill.  

I know that I'm here to help others Love themselves and remove their obstacles to living their life path! I have the ability to see beautiful things in people, their light, their energy and can help tap into their subconscious mind, and limiting beliefs. I am here to empower other people to save themselves, love themselves, build the habits and ways of living and thinking and honoring themselves so they can be the very best they can be!  THIS IS MY PURPOSE! 

I hope that I can reach as many people as possible through a Reiki, Intuitive & Spiritual Guidance, or the Crystal Healing Jewelry I make! Or even if it's just through reading this message, my story in it's shortest form.

I hope that you know you have a light inside of you too. That no matter where you are at in your life or on your path, that there is a purpose for you too and that you are loved! Your Higher self is waiting to be accessed and your inner child is waiting to be loved! Do not dismiss the stirrings in your heart of your true desires, they are within you for a reason! I hope I can help you access them! 


For any further questions about Healing sessions and guidance, please email me! I look forward to meeting you! Sending love and illuminating light! - Xanthia Pink